Transfer Pricing Safety

Since the very beginning of Transfer Pricing Services, our philosophy has been client’s tax safety. This is how we have grown to boast a record of 100% of our clients being awarded favorable determinations after successfully defending their views before tax authorities. This percentage speaks best about the quality of our services.

Theory + Practice = Solutions

Tax inspections tend to become even more sophisticated, and legislation increasingly restrictive and open to interpretation. It is crucial to always be updated on this ever-changing theory. Our experts (TPS Team) can apply their top expertise to complex cases involving the largest multinationals with a regional presence. As based on such expertise, our solutions are acknowledged as both innovative and solid (see TPS awards).

Taking Partnership Seriously

Once you have become our client, we are responsible for providing you with the best solutions for tax protection and then fiscal response in dealing with the tax authorities. You will be involved in every stage of your project so you will make sure that, on the one hand, no detail is left out and, on the other hand you learn how to effectively manage your business tax-wise.
We understand that it is our responsibility to help you towards a healthy development of your business by means of better tax-related practices and a due diligence approach. As we are partners, your problems are our problems and your success is our success too!

Transforming Passion into Standards!

Our youth (the average age within the team is 28 years) is a valuable asset, allowing us to continuously transform ourselves, to keep up the best practice in such a dynamic field. Youth means passion for work, and passion to mantain the quality standards we set and imposed on the market! And that is how we maintain our youth!

Transparency – a Priceless Subject

We have been schooled in transfer pricing, where there is no such thing as a high price or a low price for any transactions under review, but only an arm’s length price – and this is the fair consideration that you need to prove in dealing with tax authorities. Similarly, in dealing with our clients, we believe that TPS sells neither pricey services nor cheap services, but fairly valued services, ensuring quality and safety. All transparent, on a cost-benefit basis!

Tax Point Services

We started with transfer pricing services and became the best. But today we offer the same quality standard in all areas of taxation that impact your business - Tax Point Services. We offer a complete package of legal and tax services for the companies part of a national or multinational group, having a strategic partnership with Nestor Nestor Diculescu Kingston Petersen (NNDKP), one of the strongest law firms in Romania. We also offer access to international coverage by associating with Quantera Global, one of the world’s leading independent transfer pricing advisory firms, providing specialist transfer pricing services to multinationals of all sizes across the globe.