In March last year, we announced our 10 years of TPS (without alliteration). Today, a year later, we could announce we already have 15, with  so many things happening all at once into an ever-expanding agenda!

Don't worry, we’re not going into relativity discussions! We merely mind our own business - i.e. transfer pricing. However, as #DAC6 and #Pillar 1 are finally on the move, relativity will be at home with us anyway.

In short, upon our 11th anniversary, we remain – as always – true to our values: honesty and passion for our work. Whatever we do, we keep in mind, as our reference system, our clients’ needs - of today and tomorrow.

This is what we stand for and I wish to thank each member of TPS team for the way they embrace and give life to our core values. TPS success is precisely their doing.

Until next year (when TPS turns 20!), keep in touch and see you at our #transferpricing & #DAC6 workshops!


Thank you for your trust

Adrian Luca

founding-partner TPS