Transfer pricing is not any more a tale about fiscal technicalities where All’s Well that Ends Well once you have established a Measure for Measure (meaning an arm’s length price, in line with the market and the economic substance of the intra-group transaction).

Transfer pricing has become a political stage play destined for the general audience, appealing to their emotional state. A new scenario staged at a Glob(e)al level demonstrates that it is not quite Much Ado About Nothing and Love's Labor’s Lost regarding the love affairs of taxpayers with their aggressive fiscal planning. There’s going to be a TemPest… Hold on for a second! Doesn’t all this sound like Shakespeare? You bet!

You can find here Transfer Pricing in Shakespearean language.

A TPS production so everyone can understand that right now, in transfer pricing All the world’s a stage and it is time for … BEPS: Be Prepared to Switch!