Dear partners,

In the beginning of the year, we have news that we believe will provide added safeguard against the fiscal issues and challenges you face. In order to cover the full range of fiscal and legal services required to solve fiscal disputes, Transfer Pricing Services (TPS) closed a strategic partnership with one of the strongest law firms in Romania, Nestor Nestor Diculescu Kingston Petersen (NNDKP).

From transfer pricing policy design and implementation to specialist assistance during fiscal inspections, from comparability analysis in the transfer pricing file to building a defence in domestic law courts and international arbitrage commissions, we are now in a position to offer a complete range of tax and legal services!

Year 2015 was a turning point for the intra-group rules on the international tax arena, as reflected in the final BEPS provisions, and the comeback of CCCTB and minimum effective tax level concepts on the European Commission’s discussions agenda. The changes have already begun to be reflected in the new Romanian regulations, both the Fiscal Code and the Procedures Code, as well as the application norms and ANAF orders.

As such, 2016 becomes the „ground zero” of the tax authorities’ new approach towards the investigation of the intra-group transactions. The approach will address, on one hand, the mounting public pressure which demands clear examples of fight against the BEPS phenomenon (Base Erosion and Profit Shifting), on the other hand, it will attempt to solve the mundane need of growing the budgetary revenues.

Times change, and so must taxpayers’ approach! Answer with ... BEPS! BE Prepared to Switch! We are better than ever prepared to offer comprehensive solutions for solving – as well as preventing – the issues you are facing! You can continue to rely on our support! Please refer, if needed, to the official press release and the media coverage concerning the TPS - NNDKP alliance.

You can find HERE the press release regarding the TPS-NNDKP alliance.