In order to prepare a benchmarking study that meets the client’s demands there are certain factors that must be considered:

  • correct understanding of the functional profile and risks of each entity participating in the transaction as well as the market context in which they operate;
  • detailed research of databases used for selecting and analyzing the independent companies that meet the criteria of comparability;
  • determining and making the necessary adjustments regarding the comparability;
  • interpretation and use of collected data as well as determination of market value.

The right answer to the question "how much does a benchmarking study cost?"  - we are talking here about a market where quality standards are taken into account and the used databases are approved -  is that the arm's length range is the EUR 2,500 median.

If you do not feel prepared at the moment to conduct a customized benchmarking study for your company, but you would like to find out the profit margins by industry / by type of transactions, please go to the "Benchmarking studies library" section. For a customized benchmarking study please go to one of the "I need a benchmarking study" section, depending on the type of business.

If the business operations are not fully analyzed, you can draw up your own benchamarking study based on data provided by