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The purpose of a benchmarking study is to identify comparable transactions that are further used to assess whether the inter-company transactions under review comply with the arm’s length principle.

Performing a benchmarking study to test the arm’s length nature of an inter-company transaction is a complex process that requires examination of various databases and sources of information such as Amadeus, RoyaltyStat, Bloomberg etc.

Whether you have to justify the arm’s length nature of an interest rate, guarantee fee royalty rate or the selling price of a tangible product, we can help you. We have the databases and capabilities that would allow us to perform all types of benchmarking studies in order to assess whether your inter-company transactions satisfy the arm’s length standard.

We can either perform these benchmarking studies as part of the transfer pricing documentation file or as part of your planning exercise.

TPS Alerts

Transfer Pricing Services launched the first website in Romania dedicated exclusively to benchmarking studies and the preparation of the transfer pricing documentation file:

Through this website you will gain free access to useful information regarding the best practices in drafting the transfer pricing documentation file and you have the opportunity to order on-line personalized benchmarking studies for the following types of intra-group transactions: production, distribution, services, intellectual property rights and loans. Also you can contact us regarding benchmarking studies for any other type of intra-group transactions.